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Journalism English distance learning classes

Program of Journalism

ESJ Paris Distance Learning (EAD)

Academic year 2016-2017 (October and January intake classes)

Managed by Mrs Nita Wiggins and Mrs Cecile Vrain, based on the success of the French speaking journalism distance programme, the EAD/Distance journalism program consists of  two years of distance education:

–                    a first year "level 1,” in which students receive training in basic concepts

–                    a second-year "level 2," which is in-depth training that concentrates on employability

The program (click here)

The EAD is identical to the coursework offered at ESJ Paris. The curriculum offers training in all types of  media, including radio, television and documentaries as well as the mastery of journalistic style for print publications.


The degree the student earns is based on the level of his curriculum upon entry into EAD

–                    entry level Bac +3 leads to a Bac +5

–                    entry level Bac +2 leads to a Bac +4

Level of entry

The entry level applicable to each candidate is assessed by the admission jury. In some cases it is possible, through the provisions of the French VAE law, a student may complete EAD with on-site class and professional experience.


The student's work is evaluated each semester.  The student may request a postponement of the following semester, but he must justify his reasons. To earn credit each semester, the student must obtain an average of over 10/20 and must have completed at least 80% of the coursework.

Application: download one of those files

Download the registration form:

Distance Learning applic form level 1

Distance Learning applic form level 2

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